Delighted by EQUITONE for Nature – Blended Facades

A through-colored facade material, EQUITONE is a true blessing for architects, due to its natural look and versatility. This high-quality fiber cement material used for ventilated facades comes in panels which are all unique, showing the raw, untreated texture of the fiber cement base material. Fiber cement is a cement composite material that consists of cement, cellulose and mineral materials, reinforced by a visible matrix.

We love EQUITONE because it uses the basic elements of the earth (mineral materials, water, air and fire /heat) in a simple filtration process, which results into a very natural material that easily blends – in with the natural landscapes.  Most of their façade materials have a raw, unfinished character, which gives a very natural look to the buildings – because neither nature itself is polished or perfect.

EQUITONE facade materials also offer unparalleled design flexibility. The fiber cement material is through-colored, which means the surface displays the inner texture and color of the core fiber cement material. No matter what facade design options we explore, the through-colored materials can be transformed into crisp, monolithic facade details.

They can also be transformed into any size or shape using standard tools in the workshop or on site. The material can be perforated using waterjet or CNC machines, large or very small cuts can be made, it can even be embossed and printed. Some designers have used it for interiors or furniture. This material also allows us to achieve flawless intricate details.

When used as part of a ventilated rainscreen cladding system or rear-ventilated curtain wall facade, the panels allow air to circulate behind the cladding, keeping moisture, mold, heat and frost away from the building.

EQUITONE is produced by Etex, a company that produces fiber cement materials in factories in Belgium and Germany since 1905. 

Photos:, TESSERACT ARCHITECTURE. Check out here our latest hospital façade using EQUITONE: The Extension of Children Clinical Emergency Hospital Marie Curie in Bucharest.