Experts’ Visit at Marie Curie Hospital in Bucharest – May 30th, 2022: 3 Reasons why Sharing is Caring

At the initiative of NGO Asociaţia Dăruieşte Viaţă (Give Life Association), Marie Curie Children’s Hospital in Bucharest started as a mere extension project and turned into the most significant hospital in Romania in recent years – a project supported by the entire civil society. 

On May 30th 2022, our team is organizing an experts’ visit at the hospital construction site, to share our experience in this multi-disciplinary process.

photo: Enrico Brodoloni

Why is it important for us as architects to share our experience with specialists in related fields and encourage good practices in medical architecture in Romania?

  1. Innovation comes from constant learning and ideas sharing. In order to grow and implement new solutions, case studies & on-site experiences are great  instruments for learning and sharing best practices. 
  2. We are stronger together. The multidisciplinary approach is key to successful projects. Architecture based on insight and integration of all users` needs into the design process is fundamental for building better medical spaces for today and tomorrow.
  3. Specialists’ feedback is essential for growth.  Constant dialogue throughout the entire design process and developing new ideas together is the way to grow and innovate.

Organized in partnership with the ShareX Community, the largest architects and related specialists sectors regional initiative, the experts` visit at the Marie Curie construction site will be led by TESSERACT founder Raluca Soaita and architect Olivia Crisan.  The key topics of the presentation will be the architectural concept alongside the MEP & structural integrated solutions.