TESSERACT Architecture

Who we are

Tesseract Architecture is our general architecture division whose main goal is to generate meaningful, functional and of course, aestethically pleasing designs.

Our Philosophy

We do our best to understand our client’s needs. Researching, gathering data and setting natural boundaries regarding proposals is something we do begin to end for every project. We help clients by integrating cultural aspects within the spaces we design and we carefully approach users space requierments and necessities. We are adaptable to the unique challenges our clients face.

Why us?

Our multidisciplinary team is well equipped to handle any task. We closely work with a wide array of engineers,graphic designers, and we generate designs based on the best possible information and insight. Our proposals ensure our clients of our clear intentions and decisions behind every aspect of the project. Projects we usually work on range from housing to office buildings, but we are up for any challenge.

Tesseract Architecture

Need a professional concept for an architectural project? Challenge our creativity.

What do we do?

Our approach is holistic: we start from the concept phase with the most intimate and important aspects needed to be integrated in the project. Throughout more advanced phases, the initial concept also develops and grows, as it naturally should. We provide the frames within this development is according to our clients’ best interests.

In some cases, the concept phase might require correlation with a new identity and its branding. Depending on the nature of the project, we envision the brand’s integration within the project, from concept to building.

We are equipped to develop designs through all the drafting phases, from pre/feasibility to building details and site surveillance. Being in control of the project begin to end allows it to develop in a natural way, but we can also step in when our clients need us at any moment of the process.

We consider the coordination of all specialties very important for the final result. Our subject matter experts work together in adapting to overcome any given obstacle and find the best alternative. Our advisory service team includes architects, engineers, anthropologists, sociologists, financial analysts and other needed specialists (based on the project’s program), thus providing leadership to implement ideas with wisdom and context.

Nowadays the performance of a building is very much related to sustainability, as our resources become problematic. Sustainability and high-performance design are part of our core values as we research through healthy materials, spaces designed from an ergonomical point of view, ergo less wasteful, energy analysis, ventilation optimization and carbon footprint accountability.

The space between our buildings is just as important as the buildings themselves. Though some public spaces might be sometimes just a result of chaotic buildings placement, recent studies show that the wellbeing of this space is equivalent with a healthy civic life. More so, in the past 10 years urban spaces have become smarter, greener and sustainable as well, aspects that make us eager to interact with them and design them.

We offer integrated, in house, structural engineering services that enhance our design and delivery process. Our structural engineers partner with our architects and interior designers to achieve cohesive, coordinated results from day one. As an integral part of Tesseract, our engineering team is design-focused and achieves beautiful and efficient structures that simply work.

Every day we interact with indoor spaces that influence our mental states in various ways, from subtle to tension generating. One of the first aspects we take into account when we design interior spaces is how this space influences its users. The approach is complex, project based and implies all the needed specialists: from game designers to anthropologists, so that the end result is the one that best fits our clients’ needs.

Research enables us to create unique designs and allows us to stay in touch with the latest innovations and trends, not only in architecture, but in art as well. Inspiration is all around us and it takes a lot of data filtering to get to the valuable and adaptable ideas that our clients look for. Our designs are hold accountable to high standards by committing to opportunities for improvement. Informed intentions have always meaningful impacts and generate a responsible and innovative result.