#NoiFacemUnSpital : The First Oncology, Serious Deseases and Trauma Childrens’ National Hospital

For the first time in Romania an NGO is building a hospital from scratch, exclusively through donations and sponsorships.
Given that the Romanian State hasn’t build nothing regarding pediatric oncology in the last fifty years, Dăruiește Viață has taken upon itself to build THE FIRST Oncology, Serious Deseases and Trauma Children’s Hospital, which will offer multidisciplinary care for serious deseased children, at the West Europe’s standards.

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The story behind #NoiFacemUnSpital

The project started in 2015 with the desire to improve the treatment conditions in the Onco-Pediatric Ward of the Marie Curie Hospital. Here, 30 children and 30 adults share two toilets and one shower, at the end of a hallway.

The old structure’s layout did not allow us to add individual bathrooms to each patient room, so we decided to build from scratch a new, three storey high ward, which would be solely for the Onco-Pediatric Ward.

The needs of the medical staff and the amazing mobilization regarding donations allowed us to expand the project. Hence, what was initially thought to be just a ward became a hospital in every possible way – The First Pediatric Oncology and Radiotherapy in Romania. The hospital covers aproximately 12.000 sqm in 9 storeys and has a capacity of 187 beds.
The building will host : the first Childrens’ Radiotherapy Department in Romania (two bunkers), the first one-bed rooms, accessible through the “clean hands” system ICU Ward, Surgical Ward (Bloc operator?) with seven Operating Rooms, Oncology Ward, Hemato-Oncology Ward, five clean Transplant Rooms, Neurosurgery Ward and Surgery Ward.
With the expansion of the building, the price also expanded from 8 to 16 milion euros for the building’s structure. Today we are estimating that the first building with partial equipments will reach about 30 milion euros. 

The architectural concept: “We’ve set out to change the concept of hospitals with this project. When children come to the hospital, they will in fact enter a space for games, we will have tematic rooms, a terrace, a library, a sports room where children will be able to do many activities, so they don’t get bored. The main idea is “The Tree of Life” – indoors, the children will access varied worlds. The radiotherapy bunker witll be an underwater world or a hedgehog’s hole. We will launch an app so that children can contact the outside world when they enter the hospital, so that both the parents and the children won’t feel frightened as they do now.

(Șoaita Raluca, the project’s architect)