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Agenda Constructiilor: TESSERACT ARCHITECTURE signs the concept of the new neurology private clinic Neuroaxis

TESSERACT architects, the single medical architecture studio in Romania sign the interior design concept of the new private neurology clinic Neuroaxis. The clinic is located at the groundfloor of the new U Center building in the center of Bucharest and is an efficient medical insertion in a modern office building.

Libertatea: Interview with the architect who signs 7 modular hospitals in Romania. How they`re built and how much they cost

Interview in mass circulation journal Libertatea with Architect Raluca Soaita, founder of TESSERACT ARCHITECTURE, about the costs of designing and building a modular hospital, the benefits and disadvantages of such constructions during pandemic.

Wall-Street.ro: A Romanian company designed 7 modular hospitals up to present, since the pandemic outbreak

The new coronavirus outbreak generated an acute need of hospital beds in Romania, with more and more Romanians being affected by the new virus. A less usual solution was needed in order to supplement the number of beds.

360medical.ro: More than 23.000 sqm of temporary hospitals – the first 7 modular hospitals in Romania were designed by TESSERACT ARCHITECTURE up to present

Over 23.000 sqm of functional schemes for container modular hospitals were designed by the architecture studio TESSERACT in the last year, since the pandemic outbreak in Romania.

ZIARUL FINANCIAR: Raluca Soaita, Lead Architect of TESSERACT: Many Medical Sectors Have High Potential to Attract Investments

Poor medical infrastructure and the un-addressed segments ma attract more investments in the next period, both as public investments as well as from the private sector.

Newsweek: VIDEO How a New Hospital Should Look Like. It Is not Enough to Import a Western Model

It is not enough to copy a hospital design from abroad and apply it in Romania for things to work out. Each community has specific features that must be taken into consideration, Raluca Soaita, a healthcare design architect stated.

GIVE LIFE ASSOCIATION BLOG: Interior Design for #NoiFacemUnSpital: Play, Safety and Efficiency

For #NoiFacemUnSpital project we focused on healing through the interior design, too. Humanizing the space was one of the main objectives and the colors, the light, the materials, the acoustic, the floor plans, the proportions participated in creating the wellbeing, the optimism, the safety and trust.

A Young Architecture Studio in Romania is Particular Across Central & Eastern Europe

This is one of the few architecture studios across CEE specialized in medical architecture. It employs a team of 10 architects, as well as an epidemiologist actively involved in the medical design projects.

Nine O’ Clock Magazine: Tesseract Architecture: 1 M EUR Turnover and 500.000 sqm of Hospitals & Industrial Spaces

The architecture studio is established by young entrepreneur Raluca Șoaita and it is one of the very few in the Central and Eastern Europe region specialized in healthcare architecture

Agenda Constructiilor: TESSERACT ARCHITECTURE Reaches 1 M EUR Business and 500.000 Built Sqm

TESSERACT projects porfolio includes numerous private hospitals and clinics designed for the private healthcare operators, the Children Hospital in Bucharest (#NoiFacemUnSpital), a premiere initiative in Romania of Daruieste Viata/ Give Life Association and more recently, TESSERACT ARCHITECTURE was assigned as lead architect for two large county hospitals, in Focsani and Sibiu, which are currently in the feasibility study stage.

BURSA Magazine: Early 2021 TESSERACT ARCHITECTURE Reaches 1 M EUR Annual Turnover

TESSERACT ARCHITECTURE, a young architecture studio established in 2015 by architect Raluca Șoaita reaches an annual turnover of almost 1 million euros, which represents a 5 times business increase as compared to the previous year, on grounds of higher demand on the medical and industrial facilities sector in Romania.

THE BIZZ: TESSERACT ARCHITECTURE Reaches Almost 1 M EUR Turnover and 500.000 sqm of Hospitals and Industrial Spaces

Up to present, TESSERACT architects have designed a cumulated area of more than 500.000 square meters of hospitals and industrial / production facilities and various buildings with commercial destination – an average of 100.000 sqm buildings designed annually.