Tarkett Flooring Solutions: Several Reasons Why

At TESSERACT, we engage in designing projects that are meant to heal, when it comes to healthcare architecture. Beyond the sound technical features, every project we design aims to humanize the cold hospital space and provide a healing environment for the ultimate beneficiary of the space: the patient.   


We`ve been working for some time now with Tarkett Flooring Solutions in several of our large hospital schemes and we prefer them for their variety of surfaces that provide high quality features for the healthcare environments.


Hospitals should provide a welcoming, healing environment for patients and visitors, as well as a safe and comfortable place for staff on long shifts, and hospitals and healthcare facilities require special flooring needs. We love Tarkett because their healthcare flooring solutions are designed with patients and care staff in mind, taking into account the heavy use, safety, comfort and infection control requirements of care facilities. The high-traffic and durable healthcare flooring solutions are specially designed to contribute to patient recovery and medical staff efficiency. Nevertheless, Tarkett flooring solutions respect the environment and contribute to health and well-being.

Samples of healthcare spaces we`ve implemented Tarkett up to present: 

–          Hospital reception & waiting areas

–          Cafeteria & dining areas

–          Corridors

–          Emergency rooms

–          Exam/ procedure rooms

–          Laboratories

–          Lobbies

–          Office and administrative rooms

–          Operating rooms

–          Patient rooms

–          Restrooms

Most recently, we used Tarkett flooring solutions in private healthcare designs such as OphtamaxNeuroaxis, Sf. Maria private clinics or Biogenesis. Click here for more of our medical work >> 

Photos: Tarkett.ro