Absolute Love for NORA Flooring in Healthcare Design

In our design work for the healthcare sector, the main concern is to always maintain a user – first approach to our architecture, having in mind the ultimate beneficiaries of the medical spaces we design: the patients, the medical staff and the caregivers. Thus, our designs will always mix hygene, safety, functionality, sustainability, aestethics and effective solutions that result into harmonious and comfortable environments. 

One of our favourite products in designing interiors for hospitals and medical clinics is nora by Interface, available across Romania through COS – Corporate Office Solutions. This is a range of rubber flooring solutions that we love to integrate into our concept designs due to their sustainability features, as we can obtain both natural and carbon neutral floorsNora is committed to improving the indoor environment of buildings by producing durable, low-emitting rubber floor coverings that also minimize our ecological and environmental operational footprint. A carbon neutral product is one that results in net zero carbon emissions being released into the atmosphere – for any building it’s not just heating and cooling buildings that adds to carbon emissions, but also any emissions related to creating the materials used to create the building itself and its interior, including the flooring products. 

Hospitals and medical clinics must meet extremely stringent requirements and nora flooring systems is a reliable supplier due to a number of distinctive features, among which the dense and non-porous surfaces that can be cleaned extremely easily, the high fire protection factor, the ergonomy and comfort they provide. Nevertheless, when working with nora, we consider the floors’ quality, safety, sustainability, protection, hygiene, infection control and their long – term durability and low maintenance costs

As architects, we also like to work with products with a very strong aesthetic dimensions, which translate into a higher patients’ psichological comfort and relaxation. We know that for a feel-good ambiance both the design of the spaces and the colors are playing a central role and these flooring solutions are offering a warm and healing environment.

Check out here our latest hospital project with flooring solutions by noraThe Extension of Children Clinical Emergency Hospital Marie Curie.

Photo credits: nora.comcos.ro