A Definitive Passion for Flugger System Finishes

There is already some time since we fell in love with the Scandinavian painting brand Flugger, although the company also produces high quality wood protection, spackling paste, design wallpaper and tools.  

With a good robustness & washability, Flugger paints are highly eco-friendly and versatile products, as we discovered in our healthcare work, due to our partners M&M Maleri and COS. They come in an almost infinite universe of colors, which is truly important for the variety of projects we design, while it also has an excellent behavior over time. For us it is really important to use advanced product lines of paints in healthcare design, due to their eco-friendly and non –toxic features as well as zero VOC, for the patients’ safety.

This walls and ceiling finishing system comprises a number of layers, has specific execution techniques – especially for sealing the corners and the intersections that can gather dirt. Using the entire system leads to reduced risks of paint cracking, which also reduces the risk of nosocomial infections, which is highly important for hospitals and other medical spaces.

For us as healthcare architects it is really important to work with suppliers that are highly specialized in the medical sector and we sellect our collaborators based on their specific technical expertise and experience in healthcare. This Scandinavian company has more than 100 years of experience and a research department dedicated only to the medical sector.

Most recently, we used Flugger at our project for extension of Marie Curie Hospital in Bucharest (#NoiFacemUnSpital, a project of Give Life / Daruieste Viata Association designed by TESSERACT), as well as for the oncology section of Brasov Children Hospital, the oncology section of the Children Hospital Louis Turcanu in Timisoara or Polisano Hospital in Sibiu and we definitely recommend it.

But healthcare is not the only sector of  applicability for Flugger products and we highly recommend them for other types of functions, due to their excellent durability in time. We also recommend using Flugger system finishes with glass fiber wallpaper for existing buildings, in order to significantly reduce the cracking risk.  

Interested to find out more? Visit Flugger website at www.flugger.com.  

Photo credits: Pinterest